El Trull de l’Agolet is a house from middle 19th century. The name of El Trull (The Mill) comes from the cylindrical stone that was used to tan the dust, which mixed with thatch, was used to build roofs. All the details of the house have been conserved, the renovation being done with maximum respect to the typology of the original architecture and the local materials: oak or stone lintels, adobe rooftop and wood and trusses below the roof. Presiding the house there is a great centennial walnut. The house is located in Ribes Altes, in the municipality of Ribes de Freser, inside the area of natural interest of the Serra Cavallera. In front of El Trull you will be able to watch the Mount Taga, more than 2000 metres (6500 feet) tall.

El Trull de l’Agolet is perfect for groups about 22 or 24 people, and includes 10 rooms, eight doubles, two triples and a separate lounge to cook the meals and celebrate activities or parties. That lounge has more than 50 metres, kitchen fully equipped and toilet. You can also rent it separately: El Trull and El Noguer. The first one has seven rooms and three complete bathrooms and capacity for 16 people, it is rented attached with La Sala (The Lounge). El Noguer has capacity for between 4 and 6 people.

It includes “La Sala” (The Lounge), a great room with kitchen and toilets perfect for great meals, parties,… The house includes a stall with toys and a garden with barbecue available.

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How to get


Ribes Altes s/n

17534, Ribes de Freser

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 42.31828

Longitude: 2.183165


At Ribes de Freser, take the route direction Pardines. Drive about 2 kilometres until finding a left detour indicating Tregurà / Ribes Altes. Then follow about 800 metres until a bifurcation, take the road to the right. From this point, just follow about 150 metres until you get to the house.


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Tarifes i preus

El Trull de l'Agolet Low season High season All year
House Capacity Weekend Extra day One week Weekend Extra day One week From Monday to Friday
El Trull de l'Agolet 22-24* 890 320 1580 890 350 1830 740
El Trull 16-18* 790 230 1100 790 250 1460 630
El Noguer 6 250 110 520 280 130 620 320
House Capacity Weekend Extra day One week Weekend Extra day One week From Monday to Friday
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Suppletory bed: 15 euros / person / night