Trekking, hiking and mountain biking

Enjoy the adventure activities offered by the Vall de Ribes: mountaineering, trekking, climbing, canyoning and much more.

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The route of the monasteries

Visit the monastery of Ripoll, Sant Joan de les Abadesses and Camprodon. The Monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll is the perfect setting to delve into the historical and legendary origins of the Catalan counties.

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The legend of Count Arnau – Rutes

The origin of the story of the song is based on the conviction of Count Arnau punished for not pay their servants the amount of wheat that had promised. At the end of the song, when asked the widow to live in Hell, the Count replies `bad soldered to pay ‘. So, not to lead a hectic sex life (something that people could better understand and accept), was convicted of Count Arnau.

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Tours of the Romanesque – Vall de ribes

Discover the iconic arqutiectura of Ribes in the Vall de Ribes. From the castle and the church of Santa Maria de Ribes Fresser to the church of San Esteban in Pardines.

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Vall de Núria

In the Vall de Núria find everything from family activities to enjoy. In season winter children can enjoy the leisure park and the spring and summer can enjoy pony rides or cache marmota.Amb the rack will live a world of sensations from the outset. Do not miss the beauty and magnificence of the landscape across the Núria rack. It is the only means to access Núria valley and with a singular, is a rack railway, which runs 12.5 km and a height of more than 1,000 meters.

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La Molina

La Molina is a leading station, with a modern and sporty spirit that combines with his family shed and activities for all ages. Miles of trails for all levels, good snow and quality services.

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Tourism information and activities – Vall de Ribes

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La Masella

Ski and varied activities for the whole family.

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